North Texas Saint Bernard Club
​Looking for a puppy? 
Think again!
Everyone falls for the adorable Saint Bernard puppy! They are cute and squishy! What many people don't consider is that this adorable puppy will likely reach 120lb or more and require extensive training.
Consider adoption!
 Most adult Saints are potty trained and well mannered. The best thing about adopting an adult is that you can likely find one with your specific needs and have little training to do. 
Below are the links to the Saint Bernard Rescue in Texas and our National foundation.
The North Texas Saint Bernard Club and rescue work together and share a common goal: To protect this noble breed. 
Although, we work together,  all such rescue operations are under the auspices of the Rescue Foundation and are not subject to the guidance or control of the North Texas Saint Bernard Club. In no manner does NTSBC endorse these rescues.

Some NTSBC members have been actively supporting Luck and Legends Saint Bernard Rescue by joining Mophie at SXSW for the past two years.  Tonya Hudson of DeMenthon Saints is the coordinator of the dogs for this event and others have been privileged to help.  It has been a great deal of fun.  Mophie produces battery pack covers for cell phones.  Saint Bernards are rescue dogs .Mophie sends the dogs out with battery packs to rescue people with dying cell phones.  This year they also partnered with Indian Motor Cycles, who carried the dogs on their mission in side cars!  Cute idea. Home base was Bad To The Bone Biker Bar.  Inside free drinks were served, Mophie products were sold and there was Saint Bernard viewing and petting.There were photo ops with the bikes and dogs. It was surprising how much people loved the dogs, Many knew very little about them and we were able to answer their questions. Christine Banky, of the Saint Bernard Rescue Foundation, said that after the event last year, adoptions increased.  We are very proud to be good public relations for our breed and for rescue.  
The fake grass helped protect the dog's feet from the concrete.  Cool water and ice was provided all the time.  Oscillating fans that intermittently provided a refreshing mist to cool the air.  The entire run was shaded by an awning.  The dogs were very comfortable, allowed to rest when they wanted and none were over worked. There was a very good fence which kept the public on their side, letting the dogs interact with the people as they chose. Handlers were watchful and careful that none of the dogs had a bad experience with the people.
A lot of people had never seen a Saint Bernard puppy, let alone touched one.  They were thrilled!  The puppies were very popular.  The fence dividing them from the public was almost always packed full of a steady stream of viewers.  We had the opportunity, at this point, to answer a lot of questions about our beloved breed.  The puppies saw and smelled so many people and heard so many sounds.  They are off to a great start to being very well socialized and they seemed to enjoy themselves as much as the people. We held them up so people could take selfies.
​Surprisingly, the dogs adapted quickly to riding in the custom made Indian Motorcycle side cars. They seemed to enjoy the short, exciting trips to rescue people with dying phones.  Go Biker Dogs!
Because Mophie provided security and comfort, because all the volunteers worked together well with the staff, and because the dogs all got along so well and enjoyed themselves, the entire event was a great success!
We want to do it again!
Almost all of the Saint Bernard handlers and a Saint Bernard photo bomb!